About the Program

Every spring 30 students (aged 11 to 16) and 6 chaperones travel to visit their sister city. This takes place on an alternate year schedule: In 2018 Ishikari's Y.A.'s will visit us in Campbell River.

Selection of Students is done by administrators and teaching staff in the schools with suggested guidelines provided. It involves as many schools as possible including Sayward and Quadra


There is a general meeting with parents outlining costs, preparation, itinerary and expectations. Then there are a minimum of 6 meetings with students ( 2 hours each) working on language, customs, food, geography, history, etc. Campbell River Twinning Society provides volunteer hours for organization and also provides money to cover operating expenses and emergencies. Bottle drives have been organized by parents to help cover costs. Chaperones have paid for their own fares.

The Trip

Five to six days in Ishikari with homestays. Tours and activities each day provided by Ishikari Twinning Society, Ishikari City Hall and Ishikari School Board. Three days in the Kyoto / Nara area visiting historic sites, temples and shrines.


Student homestays are needed for this. Again, the selection process is done through the schools with as many different schools as possible involved. Activities here are planned by the Twinning Society. The Japanese students travel to Vancouver, Victoria and stay in Campbell River for 5 nights.