In 1981, the town of Ishikari approached Mr. Jim Murray, the C.P.Air public relations advisor for the orient, and asked him to find them a sister city in Canada. At that time a professor at the University of Hokkaido, Masakazu Yoshizaki, had founded the 'Come Back Salmon' project in that area and it seemed natural to make the connection with the 'Save Our Salmon' group in Campbell River. Mr. Murray approached our Chamber of Commerce with the idea. Mr. Warren Peterson and Mr. Ron Barnard were directors at that time and became the first co-chairmen of the Twinning Committee.

In January 1983, the first delegation went to Ishikari and the first half of the Twinning Document was signed.

"We proclaim that we will contribute to friendship between the town of Ishikari, in the prefecture of Hokkaido, Japan and the District of Campbell River, B.C., Canada with the desire to continue to strive for advance in friendship, and promotion of mutual interchanges in the various fields of economy, culture, education, sports, and so on."

In October 1983 a delegation came from Japan to Campbell River to sign the second half of the Twinning Document at City Hall. Since 1983 over 700 people have crossed the pacific as part of the Campbell River / Ishikari Twinning (about 350 from each direction). Education and culture have been the main focus of the exchanges so far. Some economic ties have also been explored.

What We've Achieved

Campbell River has proudly been one of the most active and successful communities from Canada twinned with a Japanese community. We are the 22nd city out of a total of 75 cities and towns from Canada to be a sister city in Japan. Over the years we have demonstrated leadership and have shared information with other communities and schools on exchange development and community programs. We have continued to set a high standard for other communities to attain what we have achieved. Our hopes as always are to continue to excel and serve our respective communities into the future!